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As a life long seeker, I have spent many years traveling to far corners of the globe to work with healers, gurus, and teachers in search of my clarity, my confidence, and my purpose- the GLORIOUS self that my granny saw in me.  Often I felt lost, alone, and confused. At one point, I even found myself an unsuspecting member of NXIVM, a high demand organization (i.e. cult).


When I was a little girl, my granny used to point out things in the world that were good: a magnificent sunset, a sleeping baby, or simply a perfect moment, and she would call it GLORIOUS.  I just loved it when she used that word. Sometimes she would stop and say, “Child, you know that you are GLORIOUS, don’t you?”


Webster’s dictionary defines the word as GLORIOUS as something marked by great beauty or splendor. I was fascinated by that word. To me, it pointed to something otherworldly and divine and the promise of something marvelous. It was a word way bigger than me, and when my granny used it, I envisioned something utterly majestic. Something transformational. 


I never used the word GLORIOUS because it was just too powerful, and I was saving it for something magnificent. When my granny died, I spent much of my life searching for GLORIOUS because I believed she had taken it with her. 


My experience in NXIVM taught me how vulnerable we are as humans and how easy it is to give one’s power away unintentionally. In my desperate need to find what I was searching for, I welcomed a new set of beliefs without examination.  I accepted a belief system that was not my own and then started making choices that were not in my best interest. 


One does not need to be indoctrinated into a cult to lose their power and their ability to think independently.  It can happen in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship with a partner, family member, or friend, working for a narcissistic employer, or simply being influenced by someone or something without examining or questioning the information. 


We live in a world of influencers, from celebrities to everyday people trying to influence everything we wear and eat to what we should think.  People surround us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and major media outlets, all competing to influence as many people as possible. They are just begging us to relinquish our authority-and sometimes they have bad intentions. We must be vigilant and question the information coming at us and decide for ourselves, using our instinctual guidance system (IGS), what is right for us and what is simply the perceived authority of someone else. 


If we give our power away, in any form, we disconnect more and more from the extraordinary potential that we are gifted at birth.  We forget that we are born GLORIOUS.


My mission is to help people develop their instinctual guidance system in order to free themselves of limiting beliefs, make the most empowering choices and rediscover their GLORIOUSNESS. 


Kelly is a writer, author, and speaker and has had the honor to speak to groups, classes, and global leader organizations, including YPO (Young President’s Organization) and the ASU Sandra Day O’Conner College of Law. 

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